About Us

We developed MyBeltz® in response to a need that arose when observing the way a child plays with dolls in real life. My daughter Rachel had a desire and need to play and display the hundreds of dolls stuck in her trundle bed drawers- so she could continue to buy more!  She loved to record early YouTube roleplay videos of her dolls and needed a way to easily stand them up in different places. Each belt has a custom twistable clip which attaches to the waist of any fashion doll, and lets you pose your doll on any shelf, table, dollhouse, play table, fridge or any magnetic surface, purse or backpack! 

Dolls are a critical way for children to practice social skills, develop empathy, and of course delve deep into their creativity. For kids, MyBeltz expands possibilities during playtime- and that in turn extends the amount of time they’ll spend playing and using their imagination. MyBeltz is also great for collectors of all ages who enjoy displaying and playing with their dolls.

-Lenny Gilbert

MyBeltz - the easy way to display your dolls
Display your doll collection in style!
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